Cybi Williams

BA Fine Art 2D

Cybi Williams

At its core, my artistic practice conveys my desire to communicate in a morally honest way. I aim to produce work that is accessible, transparent, and relevant – for me, these are the fundamental values of democratic art. I am aware that the significance, and even the aesthetic, of my work is not determined solely by me, which is something that I embrace.

Currently, I am focused on the act of painting itself. I examine what my work means to me and those around me, as I perceive art to have the greatest impact when it seeks to service those who experience it. I grew up in a post-industrial, declining town in Wales, and ultimately I think I will always address my practice to the people of this particular place.

However, I aim to reach new audiences and to speak to all those who experience my work. Art displayed in a gallery space holds no real relevance for me – I don’t believe it is necessarily irrelevant, but I do believe that art must adapt. I don’t claim to have any answers, and my own analysis tends towards the satirical.

I simply aim to find an analogy for my own understanding of my practice, so that I may speak to people with a credible and democratic voice. With these goals my art can begin to truly reach its audience.

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