Maria Gasparian

MA Design - Ceramics, Unilever Sustain-Ability Winner, 2016

Maria Gasparian

A new recent study found that among all the other horrible things it causes, climate change reinforces concrete architectural structures, so they deteriorate quicker than expected. This can be a problem, especially in London, a city virtually made of concrete.

Maria Gasparian has turned to ceramics in her investigation, looking into its use in contemporary architecture and urban landscapes. Combining this vernacular material with modern industrial production methods, such as extrusion, Gasparian explores the ceramics’ potential to bring vibrancy and identity to a place.



Describing some of the motives behind her work, Maria states: “I believe that there is a real need for public spaces that offer sensory experiences, for cultural references that engage with migrants — and for a design which improves the human condition.”

Maria Gasparian showcase Maria Gasparian showcase

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