Mathilde Rougier

BA Fashion Design Womenswear, Runner Up, 2020

Mathilde Rougier

Modular Augmented Capsule addresses damaged data and its restoration as a form of creation. The collection’s aesthetic is based on a personal archive of garments. The archive was then recorded and manipulated digitally through photography, pixelation, 3D scanning and a convolutional neural network. These manipulations have inspired the aesthetic of the collection.

The aim of the collection was to use what’s already been produced in terms of materials and inspiration to come up with new ideas, in short creating new from old, eternally.

The motivating idea was to leave behind obsolescence and throwaway fashion, and replace it with more circular design solutions. The collection uses modular assembly to construct the garments. This process was inspired by pixels on a screen and allows for the elimination of waste in garment production, and extends the lifecycle of the garment. The collection uses modular construction, where waste leather sample books, scraps and damaged hides are cut down into tessellating modules so the maximum amount of the material can be re-used. These pieces are slotted together allowing them to be repositioned like Lego. The garment can be changed by moving the modules, making the design process constantly evolve, and again extending the garment’s lifecycle.

The second process is based on the re-use of single-use plastic packaging from the fashion industry to make accessories. The plastic can be re-melted into other designs. Neither of these processes involve sewing, meaning the garments are built for disassembly and recyclable, as material unity is conserved. The third process is based around upcycling ripped or stained cotton hotel sheeting.

Mathilde Rougier showcase Mathilde Rougier showcase Mathilde Rougier showcase Mathilde Rougier showcase

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