One Year On: Sara Gulamali

One Year On: Sara Gulamali

Taking inspiration from her identity as a Muslim woman and the feeling that she’s not represented anywhere, Sara’s project, ‘Can You See Me, Still?’ followed a being that represented the ‘othered body’. The being couldn’t be identified by race, religion, gender or sexuality and explored the notion of performing a version of the self, truly reflecting positive thinking in attempt to break away from outdate stereotypes of people.

With the 2020 MullenLowe NOVA Awards in full swing, we caught up with Sara to see what she’s been up to since receiving the 2019 Unilever #Unstereotype Award.

What have you been up to since winning a MullenLowe NOVA Award? Any exhibitions, collaborations or new career plans?

Since winning a MullenLowe NOVA award, the confidence I have in my work and my ability has grown immensely.

I have launched my first zine with Muslim Sisterhood, a collective I co-run. I’m also still working with my long-time collaborator Maria Mahfooz, and we’re currently completing an online Google Maps residency organised by Offsite Project, called ‘Kiss me Thru the Phone’. The residency is an archive of the journey of our friendship and artistic practice.

How has winning helped to further your work?

It gave my work visibility and gave me confidence as an artist. People have been impressed by the recognition my work has received, which has been great when showing my work to my Managers at the gallery I currently work at.

Have you done anything exciting with the prize money yet?

Since winning, I have relocated to Vancouver. The prize money helped me set up my studio here and supported me in furthering my career.

What are your plans for the future?

Still figuring it out! I’m interested in so many different fields that I just want to create as many opportunities for myself as possible!

Find out more about Sara’s recent work here