Fredrik Tjærandsen

BA Fashion Womenswear, Winner , 2019

Fredrik Tjærandsen

Fredrik’s collection ‘Moments of Clarity’ is inspired by an almost indefinable moment when a human’s self-awareness becomes active and sentient.

I have strived to develop a process of experimental practice and development through which I could react to, and create my own expression of, this moment and experience of being in that moment.

This project is a personal journey of documenting, researching and understanding how one communicates with the world through memory. I am deeply concerned with the relation between what is seen and what is unknown, between appearance and the anxiety that comes from exploring memories and the misty impressions of childhood to find meaning.

I have constructed the bubbles as a torus shape using rubber sheeting and they are all inflated with air. The inner part of the torus is where the garment is constructed and inverts out of the bubble. I have constructed it with a twist so the air doesn’t run out and the air pressure also closes the opening completely. When the garment deflates the performer inside opens the hook inside to release the inverted bubble part and then dives out of the deflating bubble. An average human being breathes about 7–8 litres of air a minute and 480 litres in an hour. The bubble contains circa 3,500 litres of air which means the wearer can be inside it for hours.

Maybe the moment of deflation could be interpreted as a moment of clarity.


Fredrik Tjærandsen showcase Fredrik Tjærandsen showcase Fredrik Tjærandsen showcase

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